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Author: Colin R. Turner

Colin R. Turner is an Irish author, speaker and founder of The Free World Charter, HonorPay and the Freeworlder free sharing network. His books F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man and Into The Open Economy are consistent Amazon top 100 sellers.

The six stages of transition to a money-free world

Even to the most hardened sceptic, there’s no doubt that a moneyless and tradeless society will exist at some point on humanity’s timeline. It’s inevitable that technology will some day surpass all human labour and market forces. The only question is when.

Many people however – including myself – believe that this moneyless society can be a reality very much sooner if enough people push for it. However, many such advocates seem to look mostly at the better application of science and technology as the gateway to this money-free paradigm. I disagree.

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