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Into The Open Economy

Colin’s most downloaded 90-page manual on the workings of a moneyless and tradeless world is out now.

A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY. No longer a futurist utopian dream, a money-free world of true abundance, peace and fulfilment is attainable today. Find out why we need it, how it will work, why it will work, and how we get there.
This book answers all the tough questions and provides matter-of-fact examples, solutions and visualisations of a more enlightened and moneyless world. Your bite-size guide to the Open Economy.

“Colin explains the HOW of getting there by breaking down the various aspects of society impacted by eliminating money entirely. He also — and this is important for those who cannot judge something by the way it looks on the rack, or for anyone who has rearranged the living room but two or more pieces of furniture didn’t fit when you were done— he illustrates what a “day in the life” of ordinary people would “look like” in a moneyless world.
Now, I want to share with you a secret. There is something sacred about saying “Yes”. It is an agreement with hope, with the best part of ourselves and with humankind. When we introduce “But…” into the conversation, we are saying “It’ll never work.” “‘They’ll” never agree to that.” etc. what we are doing is throwing a lot of resistance into the momentum we might otherwise have We are imposing a self-limiting belief onto a structure (that of MONEY) that is at its core AN ILLUSION.”
– Amazon reader


“This is a wonderful little book. An easy read that will give you an understanding of a new kind of economy that is possible. The open economy would serve humanity as a whole. The best part is that we do not have to wait for the powers that be to catch on to their unsustainable ways. There are small steps anyone can take to expand the open economy already operating in everyone’s life. Thank you Colin Turner for this gem of a book. I hope it will help change the world!”
– Amazon reader


“Mr. Turner’s writing is concise and clear. TZM:Defined is a couple hundred pages laboring the points over and over trying to go into the detail that so many seem to demand rather than trying to simply envision themselves. (This may be an outgrowth of our cultural conditioning… few are equipped to try to think through the implications of such a societal shift from a high level technical perspective even when they clamor for more and more details on the transition.) The Open Economy being just over 80 pages is quick to breeze through and using simple life examples allows the reader to naturally and easily engage the ideas presented.”
– Amazon reader


“Short, clear, concise, to the point, what’s amazing with this book is that it tackles difficult social issues which the best human minds have been struggling with through history and exposes in about 100 pages a solution so simple, humane and intuitive that anybody can grasp it. The open economy seems self-evident once we clear our minds of preconceived values — this also makes it difficult to find arguments against the idea, except, perhaps, that it is still only theoretical and needs to be put into practice.”
– Amazon reader


“This is excellent work by Turner. As the founder of New Zealand’s Money Free Party, I am well versed in the concept of a world without money, and the spectacular future it promises for all. This book summarises beautifully what can seem a complex proposal. It really isn’t, as I’ve found making countless presentations on the subject to all kinds of people, and is actually a lot simpler than the ridiculous system we have at present. Thoroughly recommended.”
– Amazon reader


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