ByColin R. Turner

F-Day Audio Book

An excerpt from F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man, narrated by Colin R. Turner:

F-Day -3145: Iceland is in economic freefall. President Reyksson makes an impassioned televised plea to the nation.

‘Wonderfully narrated by the author, F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man is a story of transition from the old world to the new. Businessman Karl Drayton decides to make a small change in his life which causes him to begin questioning many of society’s established norms. His voyage of understanding ultimately puts him on a quest to change the world.’

Audiobook available now from:
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[Total audiobook running time: 8hrs 42mins]

Also available on paperback and Kindle.

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ByColin R. Turner

Into The Open Economy – Other Language Versions

Into The Open Economy is now shipping in French, German. Spanish, Czech and Portuguese translations. If you would like to see another language available or are interested in providing a translation, please get in touch with us for more information. Read More

ByColin R. Turner

Signed Copies of F-Day

Order a personalised and signed copy of F-Day Vol.1 from the author.
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ByColin R. Turner

F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man

Volume One of the F-Day thriller series is out now. Counting down the extraordinary last days of humanity’s evolution beyond money.
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ByColin R. Turner

Into The Open Economy

Colin’s most downloaded 90-page manual on the workings of a moneyless and tradeless world is out now. Read More