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Since 2010, I’ve been a writer, speaker, blogger, web activist and campaigner for a shared, open access world – where life doesn’t come with a price tag.

Why? Because I believe it’s now possible, and that humankind can and should do better in the 21st century.

In the last ten years, I have dedicated my life to the development and proliferation of ideas of how this kinder world could be realised, including projects like The Free World Charter, HonorPay, Sharebay, Open Access Economy, LifeGames, books, writing, speaking and interviews.

With your help, I would love to do more.

Please consider supporting me on my Patreon page or making a one-off donation. The small donations of many can make a huge difference to the work I can do. The money raised will be put towards video production, maintaining my various projects, and developing the F-Day movie script. With your help I can move all these projects along faster. Thank you all!

You can also make a one-off donation via Paypal, Bitcoin and Ethereum:


Address: 3QZByCbgeehv96Lft3CVWWb9PpH2V8oX4n


Address: 0x66670084f3F1Ee7f9D7b236d541EC6E006ACfF5F