ByColin R. Turner

Colin speaking at TEDx Galway, February 2019

I had the great pleasure of address a TEDx audience in Galway Ireland in Feb (2019), posing the question ‘what would happen if everything was free’. [Click here to watch the video]

ByColin R. Turner

New video blog series – Ask Me Anything!

An introduction to my new blog series Ask Me Anything.

Got a question or criticism about a money-free society, add yours in the Youtube comments and I’ll try and answer all the most requested ones during the series.

ByColin R. Turner

Colin speaking at Z-Day, Frankfurt, April 2018

Discussing the books, transition and introducing the Free World One company.

ByColin R. Turner

Colin R. Turner Interview With Nicole King on RTV Marbella Now

Chatting to Nicole King about Into The Open Economy and the ideas presented in the book.

ByColin R. Turner

Colin Turner – Interview for Collective Evolution [VIDEO]


Download both F-Day and Into The Open Economy books, PLUS an extra exclusive article and some desktop wallpapers for just €9.99!!

Colin R. Turner is a writer, broadcaster and founder of The Free World Charter, an initiative which proposes an alternative society beyond the use of money.

Source: Freeworlder Blog

ByColin R. Turner

Into The Open Economy – Full Length Version

Colin does an informal walkthrough of some of the topics and ideas presented in his book Into The Open Economy. The ebook is available freely to all signatories of the Free World Charter or on Kindle and paperback from Amazon:

And from all these other online bookstores:
AppleBarnes & NobleKobo, Scribd, InkteraPlayster24 Symbols.

Into The Open Economy (paperback version)

Other language versions are also available in print and ebook.

ByColin R. Turner

The Open Economy – Part 4: The Transition [VIDEO]

The final part in the four-part series. Colin discusses transition. How do we get there?

ByColin R. Turner

The Open Economy – Part 3: The Practicalities [VIDEO]

Getting into the day-to-day practicalities of living in an Open Economy. Who does what? How do we organise things? Do we need incentive? How do we deal with crime? Do we need leaders?

ByColin R. Turner

The Open Economy – Part 2: The Solution [VIDEO]

Part Two in the video series “The Open Economy”, where Colin discusses the Open Economy as solution.

ByColin R. Turner

The Open Economy – Part 1: The Problems [VIDEO]

Part One in the video serialisation of the book Into The Open Economy.