About Colin R. Turner

Colin R. Turner is a Dublin-born writer, musician and social activist. From a very young age, Colin immersed himself in his passion for music: listening, playing and composing. However, it soon became apparent that no matter how deep his love for music, if he couldn’t make a living from it, he’d be unable to support himself. Colin’s inquisitive nature led him to question the suddenly absurd notion of ‘working to earn a living’ – how could it be right to have to choose between following your dreams and putting food on the table?

Continuing to research his ideas, Colin was pushed further down the rabbit hole by the financial crisis of 2008. Banks had lost millions, yet they didn’t fail, like any other business would. And worse, taxpayers were footing the bailout with years of austerity. How was that right… or even possible? It didn’t take long for Colin to hone in on the root cause: money itself.

Colin quickly realised that our profit-centric system is responsible for some of the greatest issues we face in the world today, from poverty to environmental destruction, wars to monopolization of resources, growing personal debt to insane governmental debt.

Now certain that we’ve outgrown this antiquated monetary system, Colin’s focus is on encouraging people to wake up and take note of exactly what’s going on in our world today, and start changing our behaviour so we can enable the emergence of a new system that embraces new technologies that can be used to fulfil all our basic needs, allowing us to return to our true passions and live our lives to the fullest.

Colin’s ventures include the Free World Charter, a set of 10 guiding principles by which we could create a world of abundance and fairness for all; Freeworlder, a worldwide people-powered free-sharing site that encourages the giving and receiving of goods and services; and HonorPay, a site focused on encouraging appreciation and gratitude by awarding ‘Honors’ to others.

Also available are Colin’s books: F-Day – The Second Dawn of Man, a fictional dramatisation of the transition to a money-free world; and Into The Open Economy, a non-fiction discussion of the problems caused by today’s money system, and detailed description of a fairer and more sustainable approach.


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