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About Colin R. Turner

Colin R. Turner is a Dublin-born author, musician and social activist. He is the author of two books F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man, and Into The Open Economy which has to date been translated into eight languages.

He is the founder of The Free World Charter – a petition that advocates ten guiding principles for a money-free world; Sharebay – an online sharing library of goods and services; HonorPay – an open awards and appreciation network; he also maintains a wiki detailing proposals for an Open Access Economy

Colin has given many talks and videos on the topic of an open access economy, including a TEDx talk in Ireland in 2019.

He was also involved in a free educational project called LifeGames which provides free classroom game resources for teachers that promote better life values including self-worth, empathy and community relationships.

Born in Dublin on July 10th, 1968, Colin grew up with three consuming passions: nature, music and problem-solving. Perturbed by a children’s book called Spoilt Earth at a young age, Colin found himself growing up with increasing awareness of how nature was becoming increasingly destabilised by the acts of humanity.

During early adulthood, finding himself unable to pursue his passions for monetary reward, and witnessing near catastrophic levels of environmental damage, Colin began to question the validity of the market system itself. Drawing on his passion for problem-solving, he decided to do something about it.

His first major project The Free World Charter went live in 2011 and has been viewed many millions of times and endorsed by people from almost every country in the world.

His most recent initiative, Sharebay, offers members a community ‘safe-space’ in which to share free goods and services with each other. Colin hopes to build a strong online community proof-of-concept while also facilitating vital supply links for people in need.

Colin lives in Wexford, Ireland, where he is currently working on a movie script for his book F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man.

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