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Latest press releases

Revolutionary new business Free World One receives positive response at 10th annual Zeitgeist DayApril 18, 2018

“Free World One will launch us into the next stage of our species’ evolution” says founder Colin TurnerApril 3, 2018

Free World Charter founder Colin Turner to feature at 10th annual Z-Day in GermanyMarch 5, 2018

“We need a new Magna Carta, so I’ve written one” says founder of The Free World CharterFebruary 21, 2018

New Year’s Resolution 2.0 – Multitask your way to a better world with new audiobook ‘F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man’February 2, 2018

F-Day book predicted Oprah for President: Is a world without money really next? – January 9, 2018

“Theresa May’s ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ is inevitable” claims owner of, a prototype alternative that’s attracted over 55,000 members worldwide in first weeks28 August 2017

Iceland plays pivotal role in creation of moneyless world in Amazon Kindle Top 100 book ‘F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man’8 August 2017

Evolution and the debt crisis – is it time to adapt?15 May 2014

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Media Appearances

Colin R. Turner has made, and continues to make, numerous appearances in local, national and international media, including:


RTV Marbella NOW

Colin discusses the ideas raised in his book Into The Open Economy – November 2017

Nationality and culture – is it time to separate the two concepts? – January 2017

Colin discussing thoughts about the nature of politics and our over-reliance on external systems – December 2016

Colin discusses wealth and the importance of changing attitudes to wealth acquisition and moving towards sharing resources – December 2016

Colin Turner talks about his new book F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man and a moneyless Open Economy. Recorded in Aloha Golf Club, Marbella, Spain – August 2016



Colin Turner attempts to travel around the world without money – 29 July 2013



Dar vueltas por el mundo sin que te den las vueltas: Una pareja irlandesa viaja sin dinero – 13 August 2013


Emirates 24/7

Walking around the world, money-less – 13 August 2013


AFP News

‘Moneyless Man’ attempts to walk round the world – August 2013


Yahoo News

‘Moneyless Man’ attempts to walk round the world – 12 August 2013



‘Moneyless Man’ attempts to walk round the world – 12 August 2013