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F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man

Volume One of the F-Day thriller series is out now. Counting down the extraordinary last days of humanity’s evolution beyond money.

Experience the extraordinary last days and countdown to humanity’s evolution beyond money. How one man’s refusal to bow to the system becomes the catalyst for a global metamorphosis. F-Day is a high octane political thriller loaded with a powerful message – infused with a heady dose of realism.

Prepare to have your world view blurred as you sit in the passenger seat of what could some day become mankind’s greatest single journey – away from the oppressive control systems of yesteryear, into an enticing future of infinite possibilities. A David and Goliath tale of truly epic proportions, F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man challenges some of our deepest preconceptions of the world today.

An instant Amazon top 100 seller with straight five star reviews, here’s what some readers are saying:

“A staggering look at what the future holds in store. SO exciting.”

“A superbly written story that draws you in and is impossible to put down.”

“Fast-paced and exciting!”

“Amazing simple ideas that could transform our reality!”

“What a page turner! ”

“A winner!”

“You find yourself in a world you never want to leave…”

“Keeps you engaged and invested to the last page!”

“A roller coaster of a story that is perfect for anyone that cares about the future.”

“A source of so much inspiration and hope.”

“Will keep you enthralled..”

“Brilliantly written, deep and rich.”

“A world one will instantly be yearning for…”

“Once you have read it you will also understand!”

“Enticing & Motivating..”

“When you close the book and sigh, If only…”

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