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Four Reasons We Are About To Evolve Beyond Money

1. It’s Feasible

Because technology can – and already does – most of the hard work for us now.

Producing all of life’s necessities like food, clothing and building is already many times easier today than forty years ago, and it’s only going to get easier. Automated vertical farming, advanced cultivating techniques and 3D printed clothing and homes are already here.

The same level of technology and mechanisation is also being applied to produce luxury goods like cars, phones, computers, household appliances and furniture. Creating all the things we need has never been easier.

2. It’s Better

Because everyone can access what they need, and we don’t need to compete, trash the planet or go to war for profit.

Imagine no hunger, no stress, no debt, no forced to work long hours to pay for what you need? Who wouldn’t want that for themselves and others?

Also, once we eliminate the need for profit, and ‘cost’ is no longer an issue, we can produce things much more sustainably and responsibly, thereby using less resources.

3. It’s Possible

Because we are a social species that naturally prefer cooperation once our basic needs are met.

We compete and hoard only because of scarcity. That’s just our survival instinct. But once our basic needs are met, we naturally gravitate into teams. groups, bands who like working and socialising together for the same ends.

4. It’s Inevitable

Because technology is killing paid labour, and global debts can mathematically never be repaid.

The same technology that can free us is already killing the labour market. Cashiers and menial jobs are being automated. Receptionists have been replaced by robot operators. And it’s not going to stop there. The human labour market is being eroded and unemployment will continue to rise and rise. Since our entire market system depends on human employment to function, soon it will cease to work.

Aside from that, our banking system operates almost entirely on credit – money for which no cash exists to repay and interest is constantly accruing. The money system runs entirely on confidence and our shared belief in its value. Once we lose confidence in it, we lose money.

The Free World Charter is a proposal of ten basic principles to realign human values back to nature and the physical world, and away from imaginary, harmful constructs such as money, trade and borders.

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  1. David Medina David Medina

    Interesting proposal, very similar or almost the same as on the of the anchors that The Venus Project has. Resource Based Economy will become a reality in companion with impressive technologicals breakthroughs. This actual social system has to elevate and grow beyond money, power and profit.

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