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Colin speaking at Z-Day, Frankfurt, April 2018

Discussing the books, transition and introducing the Free World One company.

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  1. John Jones John Jones

    Pretty good presentation. Good enough to stimulate further interest from this ‘dissatisfied with the current world’ activist.
    I’m a member/supporter of the Council of Canadians (Windsor/Essex branch), a founding director of CCFSH (Canadian Council on food Safety & Health), past founding director of GMO Free Windsor and Fluoride Free Windsor, have recently moved my financial activities from chartered banks to a local credit union, and actively support local businesses – particularly farmers/food.
    I’m 71 and still full time employed (have to be to pay my mortgage and take occasional vacations :), but would love to find a way to work with you, maybe as a task doer for a while, but as an income down the road.
    The ‘One Small Town’ concept has a kick-off in my province ‘North Frontenac, Ontario’. This, of course, is along the same concept/ideology of Freeworlder, and also of great interest to me.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    John Jones

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