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Although Facebook pages’ reach has plummeted over the years, they do still offer valuable social proof that people are interested in the ideas that you promote. Here I’ve made it super-easy for anyone to check and add a like to each of the various projects I am involved in. If you like these ideas, please ¬†like and follow these Facebook pages.

My author fan page: – a listings page for our free-sharing network:

The Free World Charter – 10 principles on which to found a better society:

Free World One – our hybrid, philanthropic company that administers all projects:

HonorPay – an open awards and appreciation network:

An initiative to propose Iceland as the first money-free country:

PlayUp Games – educational project to teach better values in schools:

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  1. Rob Rob

    Why did Free World Charter choose the Monarch butterfly for its icon/image? I have heard some things about this symbol and wonder of relation for yall. I am sure there is a reason you chose it.

    Another question… You are promoting cryptocurrencies, and this is something I’ve been concerned about, but besides this they/it sounds great (especially if leaving out bank cartel, interest, and such). My question (concern) about cryptocurrency is that it requires internet to purchase things. The internet is run by/is a product of the military and they can shut it off if the corporate oligarchy tell them to. What happens with cryptocurrency is internet is taken from the mass?

    • Colin R. Turner Colin R. Turner

      Hi Rob, the Free World Charter symbol is actually a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly, common in Northern Europe. It’s actually quite dissimilar to a monarch butterfly when you compare. Yes I have heard stories about symbolism relating to a monarch butterfly. Obviously there is no relation.

      I think the question relating to the internet affects many things, not just cryptocurrency. It’s a big question with many possible answers, but I believe that change must begin with the conferring of trust, if a trust-based society is what we are serious about creating. It’s difficult to imagine how we could create such a society by deepening our mistrust. Personally, I don’t have much time for blaming others when it’s a world and human reality that we clearly all share equally. At the very least, we can work towards building the society we want without seeking ‘permission’ from those who falsely believe they are qualified to give it.

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