Colin invited to speak at TEDx Galway, Feb 2019

ByColin R. Turner

Colin invited to speak at TEDx Galway, Feb 2019

Delighted to announce that I will be taking these ideas to the stage at TEDx Galway in Ireland on February the 7th.

My talk will be a general focus on the shortcomings of our trading system and how a simple alternative based around cooperation and education is not so far-fetched as people might believe – and how many of us already unknowingly engage in this ‘free’ social contract. The talk will also be my first formal proposal for an Open Access Economy.

Many thanks to the TEDx organisers for having the vision to present what are – to all intents and purposes – heretical ideas in a devoutly trading culture.

The video of the talk will be posted here shortly afterwards and on our YouTube channel.

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Colin R. Turner is an Irish author, speaker and founder of The Free World Charter, HonorPay and the Freeworlder free sharing network. His books F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man and Into The Open Economy are consistent Amazon top 100 sellers.

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Mike LabaPosted on3:34 pm - Jan 10, 2019

You’re the man, Colin! With you 100%. Good luck and thanks for your dedicated effort. The struggle is real but I’m convinced this is eventually the course human history will take. Cheers!

Lee KosowPosted on5:59 pm - Jan 12, 2019

Good luck Colin, I hope you “find your words” and have a good time illuminating your ideas to a huge audience. I’ll be waiting to see it.

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