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Introducing a brand new video blog channel ‘Versa Vice’

This is an idea I’ve been sitting on for quite a while – and possibly even longer without my even knowing it.

Versa Vice is the name I’ve given to a new mainstream video channel that seeks to offer ‘reverse angle’ viewpoints on mainstream values, cherished beliefs and topical issues.

Over the years I’ve found myself time and time again at odds with people over trivial matters where the common sense answer seemed to make no sense to them, and their version of it made no sense to me.

Sometime it feels like I am not just on the fringes of society, but on the fringes of the fringes, often occupying a disgruntled minority of one.

I always believed myself to be someone who had an alternative view of the world and society. This led me to create things like The Free World Charter, Sharebay and various books – all of which are planted squarely in the face of the accepted, status quo. Yet, while these activities brought me closer to many people who were thinking the same way as me, I soon began to find that I didn’t think like them either.

The most obvious example is the large crossover of people who would support a money-free world but who also support many of the outlandish conspiracy claims out there. Sometime it feels like I am not just on the fringes of society, but on the fringes of the fringes, often occupying a disgruntled minority of one with a viewpoint that to me seems absolutely certain, yet absurd to all around.

This video series is an attempt to capture what often seems like a topsy-turvy viewpoint and apply it to mainstream thinking to engage critical thought and questioning with a mainstream audience.

I have found my attempts to proliferate ideas throughout the money-free community quite limiting and I feel more needs to be said not just in the social fringes, but to a general audience. I see many of our accepted views of society, reality and ourselves as, frankly, either grossly misguided or heavily in denial.

The most obvious example here would be most people’s disconnect between climate change and their own purchasing habits. Our misappropriation of cause from effect in this and many other aspects of society is quite astounding. We just blame Government so we don’t have to think about it.

Stuff like that needs to be fixed if we’re serious about sticking around, and I don’t see anyone in mainstream culture daring to raise the issue that suggest much about our daily existence needs to be questioned.

I don’t claim to have all the answers or ‘truth’ of course, but I do (apparently) have some unique and often challenging views that I hope might prove useful as input.

I hope that Versa Vice can be entertaining, fun, interesting, popular – and perhaps offer just the right questions and the right time to help steer us towards the better path.

Please like and subscribe to the channel and support it if you can.

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