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The Six-Part Puzzle Between You and a Money-Free World

We would all be in a better, moneyless society tomorrow if everyone understood how and why it works, but the truth is that it’s a very difficult idea to convince people of. So why is that? As someone who has been trying to sell this idea to people for about five years now, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this question, and this article is what I’ve come up with so far.
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A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Imagine you are going out for the evening to meet three of your best friends – all going for a nice meal and a drink at your favourite restaurant. Throughout the night everyone is very relaxed, enjoying each others’ company, having a good chat, sharing some memories and laughs, and talking about whatever’s going on in their lives. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend an evening, right?
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Seven Tips for Promoting ‘Crazy’ Solutions in a ‘Sane’ World

Torn between this title or ‘Promoting Sane Solutions In A Crazy World’. Eventually using the ‘ ‘ quotes won the day. The point is, as all you Free World ‘Crazy’ people know, presenting the idea of a moneyless society to your family and friends can be an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience at best, and, at worst can lead to you becoming isolated or even suffering broken relationships. So, after talking to many people on this topic, and from my own personal experience, I thought it might be useful to present these seven tips for presenting our ‘Crazy’ Free World ideas to newbies in a positive and respectful way.
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