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The six stages of transition to a money-free world

Even to the most hardened sceptic, there’s no doubt that a moneyless and tradeless society will exist at some point on humanity’s timeline. It’s inevitable that technology will some day surpass all human labour and market forces. The only question is when.

Many people however – including myself – believe that this moneyless society can be a reality very much sooner if enough people push for it. However, many such advocates seem to look mostly at the better application of science and technology as the gateway to this money-free paradigm. I disagree.

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The Republic of Responsible

Imagine, if you will, a hypothetical society of just three people, Albert, Bill and Charlene – each of whom provides basic necessities for everyone:

Albert provides the food, Bill does all the construction work, and Charlene makes all the clothes. In other words, everyone has their basic needs met by society. Sounds ideal, right?

Then one day, for some unknown reason, Albert decides to go rogue and stop providing food for the others – choosing instead to indulge himself on his magnificent abundance of food. Meanwhile, the other two, without the means of sustaining themselves are beginning to starve.

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How School Failed At Me

I’m 50, and, by any reasonable measure, ‘successful’. Not successful as in rich, but successful in that I have more than enough to meet my needs, a happy family life and plenty of exciting things to get up in the morning for. Statistically, I’d say that puts me well into a small global ‘elite’ of happy, fulfilled people.

Yet, almost every molecule of my personal success came from me – and me alone. Continue reading How School Failed At Me


Finally Unveiling ‘Them’

OK, buckle up. This is going to be a bumpy ride of apparent contradictions and paradoxes – and maybe even some smoke and mirrors – but in the end (I hope) this might be the most important thing you’ll read today.

First things first, I have always had a low tolerance for people whose idea of activism is chucking abuse at agencies like governments, banks and corporations – blaming them for all the ills in the world. I have come under much flak for this attitude, and, not surprisingly, it seems that those who engage in this kind of ‘blame-hurling’ are ready to hurl their blame at pretty much anyone who appears to be asking for it.

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Why is sharing the path to a money-free world?

Since I’ve start promoting sharing more vigorously as the path to a money-free world, quite a few people have asked me this question, so thought I’d create a post about it.

Why is sharing the path to a money-free world?

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