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ByColin R. Turner

F-Day Audio Book

An excerpt from F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man, narrated by Colin R. Turner:

F-Day -3145: Iceland is in economic freefall. President Reyksson makes an impassioned televised plea to the nation.

‘Wonderfully narrated by the author, F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man is a story of transition from the old world to the new. Businessman Karl Drayton decides to make a small change in his life which causes him to begin questioning many of society’s established norms. His voyage of understanding ultimately puts him on a quest to change the world.’

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[Total audiobook running time: 8hrs 42mins]

Also available on paperback and Kindle.

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ByColin R. Turner

911 and the Implosion of Common Sense

It seems to be a rite of passage that if you subscribe to the ideology of a money-free world, you must also believe that 911 was an ‘inside job’. There may be a few reasons for this. Firstly, Peter Joseph’s popular and controversial film ‘Zeitgeist’ (2007) which tackled 911, religion, the banking cartel and other challenges to mainstream thinking may have had a lot to do with it. The movie was a thrilling exposé which ultimately spawned The Zeitgeist Movement, other movies and books promoting a money-free philosophy.

But perhaps the link between the 911 ‘inside job’ conspiracy theory and the money-free ideology lies at the heart of where these kinds of conspiracies come from and how they take hold. But more on this later.

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ByColin R. Turner

F-Day book predicted Oprah for President: Is a world without money really next?

January 9, 2018 – ‘F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man’, an Amazon Kindle top 100 fictional story of the transition from our profit-driven reality to an open economy, may have more than just an element of prediction about it as it detailed the rise of an American chat show host to the dizzy heights of POTUS back in July 2016 when it was first published. Read More

ByColin R. Turner

Colin Turner – Interview for Collective Evolution [VIDEO]


Download both F-Day and Into The Open Economy books, PLUS an extra exclusive article and some desktop wallpapers for just €9.99!!

Colin R. Turner is a writer, broadcaster and founder of The Free World Charter, an initiative which proposes an alternative society beyond the use of money.

Source: Freeworlder Blog

ByColin R. Turner

Interview with a Freeworlder: Who would be in charge? [3/3]

Who would be in charge?

No-one – and everyone!

The thing is to stop being dependent on outside agencies by becoming responsible and self-regulating. Once we assume ultimate responsibility for ourselves and others, we will always act in ways that serve each other in a positive way.Regulation is merely a blunt tool to stop people doing stupid or crazy things, but in a properly educated society, this is no longer necessary. We can cultivate appropriate behaviour through education, not brute force.

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ByColin R. Turner

Interview with a Freeworlder: How do we transition? [2/3]

What steps would be needed to transition towards this free world now?

There’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing going on here. Some people believe changing the environment will bring change in people. Others believe changing people’s behaviour must happen first. Of course, both are right to a degree. We are shaped by our environment, but we also shape our environment with our actions.

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ByColin R. Turner

Interview with a Freeworlder

Clearly the world is at a crossroads, with many groups claiming we need a radical system shake-up. But is a money-free world really the answer? More to the point, is it even possible? I discussed my take on these issues and tackled the tough questions in a recent interview. Here’s the full transcript…

First off, what is a ‘freeworlder’?

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ByColin R. Turner

How can you ask for money while promoting a money-free world?

I get asked this so many times that I thought maybe it’s time to write an article on it.

Of course, it’s an absolutely natural response for anyone to question the motives of someone like me who wants to promote a moneyless world, and then asks for money to do it. I get that. I really do. But I would ask those who pose the question to also extend that same empathy and see it from the opposite point of view. Read More

ByColin R. Turner

Into The Open Economy – Full Length Version

Colin does an informal walkthrough of some of the topics and ideas presented in his book Into The Open Economy. The ebook is available freely to all signatories of the Free World Charter or on Kindle and paperback from Amazon:

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Into The Open Economy (paperback version)

Other language versions are also available in print and ebook.

ByColin R. Turner

Answering a question? With a question?

My mother, in all her wisdom, always told me it was rude to answer a question with a question. For the most part, she was right. (Though maybe she was just fed up with me asking ‘why?’ all the time!) What she was referring to really was answering a question such as “Where’s your bicycle?” with something as glib and smart-alecky as “Why do you want to know?” or something like that.
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